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  • The “Posting” Pattern — Posting additional or edited rows to a master table using an UPDATE … RIGHT JOIN query.
  • Access 2000 Use of Unicode and consequent file size issues, Unicode Compression, etc.. Some notes.
  • MS Access Security Model: Something needs saying about this… but so far no time to do so… sigh.

Elsewhere on the Web

  • MSDN Library Tree
    • For ADO and Jet see Office 2000 Docs branch
    • For DAO and Jet see Office 97 docs branch
    • For MS Jet (3.5) Database Engine Progammer’s Guide see Books branch.
      Note that the left-pane tree may be screwed up so that Chapter 10 Managing Security may be hidden in the Object Model branch after Chapter 9.
  • Forty-Three Ways to Make DAO Faster — Programming to DAO Using Microsoft Access by Michael Mee. An excellent article with advice that speeds up DAO, but is applicable to other databases also.
  • MS Most Valued Professionals Site