GWAnalyzeHeader is a simple tool which reads an Analyze-format .hdr file and displays the values and meanings of its fields.

Why Use This One…

… when a variety of other tools provide similar information?

  • Runs on MS Windows
  • Involves essentially zero installation hassle
  • Receives hdr files via drag-and-drop
  • Lists complete set of hdr fields, including SPM-specific ones
  • Provides copy-and-paste of text version of info suitable for Excel
  • Detects Little-Endian vs Big-Endian




  • Use link below to download zip file.
  • Unzip and place in some convenient directory. No further installation required.
  • Optionally drag to Start menu to create menu item, or Ctrl-Shift-Drag to desktop to create shortcut.


  • To run, double click in Explorer.
  • Drag a .hdr file from Explorer onto grid. That’s it.
  • You can use the Copy button to copy info to clipboard in text format. You can paste this to Excel to make a nice columnar layout that’s good for printing.
  • You can launch the program several times if you want multiple copies with which to compare several hdr files.


Item Version Date Link Notes
GWAnalyzeHeader 2003-06-25 Revisions:
funused1..3: Corrected numbering and SPM scale
Added Type column
Corrected hist.originator array size
GWAnalyzeHeader 2003-06-22 (removed) Original release